Ezekiel update

In March 2007, I did a sermon on Ezekiel 38-39, an end times prophecy which may be in the near future. In this prophesy, Russia, Iran, Libya, the European Union and other countries are going to gather together to attack Israel. When they are ready to launch their attack, God is going to destroy them supernaturally. In my sermon, I pointed out that parts of the prophesy have already come about. Israel has come together as a nation as prophesized. Also Iraq, an ancient enemy of Israel which isn’t listed as one of the countries that’s going to attack Israel is now unable to. In my sermon, I mentioned two things to look for in 2008 that could set the table for this prophesy. One according to the bible, there needed to be a king, or an absolute ruler in Russia. In 2007, Putin was president and his final term was up in 2008 so I said to look for Putin to hold on to power. Putin did step down this year to be Prime minister, but before he did he transferred the presidential power to the Prime Minister so he still is in charge.

Another thing that I said was needed for this prophesy to happen is for the United States to elect a liberal president. This is because the bible says that Israel is alone against these countries. With President Bush in office or maybe a President Mc Cain, The U.S. would support Israel. In 2007, I said to look for unhappiness with the war and maybe a bad economy to get a liberal elected president. We all know what happened this November. With Obama in office, Israel’s alliance with the U.S. could be strained. This is from jewishworldview.com:

Barack Obama spent the first week after being elected president of the United States planning the next four years. Yet, even though the office is occupied by somebody else until January, the pundits are already predicting the next administration's trouble spots.

At the top of the list is the outcome of the Israeli elections scheduled for this winter. If Likud Party leader Benjamin Netanyahu is sent back to the prime minister's office, we are told, a major conflict with the Obama White House is inevitable. 

The assumption is that an Obama administration will regard "Bibi" Netanyahu as an obstacle to peace and that he will personally blow up the U.S.-Israel alliance. 

The pieces are now in place for this prophesy to happen, all that’s needed is a trigger, something to get these countries to gather to attack Israel. In my sermon, I suggested it could be an Israeli attack on Iran to destroy their nuclear facility. In recent articles from Fox news, I have found this:

To date, Iran had enriched about 1,400 pounds of low-enriched uranium suitable for nuclear fuel, according to two confidential reports from the International Atomic Energy Agency that were obtained by The Associated Press.

Several experts told The Times the milestone was enough for a bomb, but Iran would have to further purify the uranium fuel and put it into a warhead design — a technical advance that experts in the West are unsure Iran has been able to achieve.

"They clearly have enough material for a bomb," Richard L. Garwin, a top nuclear physicist who helped invent the hydrogen bomb and has advised Washington for decades, told the newspaper. "They know how to do the enrichment. Whether they know how to design a bomb, well, that’s another matter."

The report found the Islamic Republic was installing, or preparing to install, thousands more of the machines that spin uranium gas to enrich it — with the target of 9,000 centrifuges by next year.

This would be the reason for an Israeli attack, especially if they aren’t confident of support from the U.S. And there are plans for an attack, this also from Fox news.

The Israeli Air Force is ready to attack Iran's suspected nuclear weapons project if diplomacy fails to persuade the Islamic Republic to halt uranium enrichment, said Commander Ido Nehushtan in an interview published Tuesday.

The news comes as the U.N. watchdog agency reports Iran is probably at the point of being capable of making a nuclear bomb.

"We are prepared and ready to do whatever Israel needs us to do and if this is the mission we're given then we are ready," Nehushtan told German magazine Der Spiegel.

A strike against Iran's nuclear facilities "is a political decision," the IAF commander said, "but if I understand it correctly, all options are on the table ... The Air Force is a very robust and flexible force. We are ready to do whatever is demanded of us."

Asked if the Israeli military would be able to destroy Iran's nuclear facilities, which are spread around the country, with some built underground, Nehushtan said, "Please understand that I do not want to get into details. I can only say this: It is not a technical or logistical question."

While Israel has fought all its immediate Arab neighbors, its pilots have had limited capabilities to carry out missions as far away as Iran. A strike on Iraq's sole nuclear reactor in 1981 was an extraordinary exception at the time but analysts say the F-16I has made long-distance strikes more possible.

"Air power has been a major player in every war we've fought since 1948," Colonel Amon, who in line with Israeli military rules did not give his surname, told Reuters during the unusual opening of the Ramon desert base to the foreign media.

"This is the most capable aircraft in the Middle East," said Captain Grisha, a fighter pilot in his early 20s.

The Jewish state, widely believed to have the Middle East's only atomic arsenal, has said it will not tolerate an Iranian nuclear bomb and has refused to rule out a military option.

An Israeli attack, especially if they have to use nuclear tipped bunker busters to reach the underground facilities could cause Russia and Iran to go to the U.N. and get a resolution for Israel to destroy their weapons of mass destruction or face dire consequences. Israel of course would never do this, so Russia and Iran will have to gather a coalition of countries to attack Israel. We already know what countries are going to join this coalition, it’s been prophesized in the bible. Keep your eyes on the Middle East, this could be happening soon!